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» went to fuego with some friends last march. btw, lj's up again.

» (No Subject)
Shoot the dog from Duck Hunt - I was at mia's back to school party and i got around to talking about the Wii (insert snicker here). I mentioned Duck Hunt 2.0 on the new Wii, and someone said something about always dreaming of getting the chance to shoot the dog.


» best usb thumbdrive-EVER!
or at least till something better comes along...

i think i need to add a disclaimer as the post seems to be misleading lots of internet-folk. i don't own the flash drive, (hence the right-click-to-find-out-the-pic-linkie) it actually came from the wonderful people over at Gizmodo

wish i could buy one too, sorry for the confusion guys.

» somethings are worth bloggging about
hey, i'm back.

spent the afternoon with joby. we saw cars (my third time - such a grrreat movie!) and had some drinks in bizu.

i mentioned my new crush/stalkee Magnús Scheving. Found him on Lazytown - something i happily discovered while watching too much Nick Jr.

here he is.

he plays sporticus (even his stage name sounds hot) - a superhero character in the series. he's also an icelandic athlete, a talk show host and a total dreamboat. hell, move your lazy emo ass steve burns, you've been replaced!

and now for something completely different...

i've been sending people random links for sometime now and i got around to thinking - wait, that's what my lj's for!

from boing boing:
this video's PURE GOLD. We should all move to japan and learn english there. Fabulous, simply fabiouls.

» sad thing is i really knew someone like this....

» just a quickie
When the English tongue we speak.
Why is break not rhymed with freak?
Will you tell me why it's true
We say sew but likewise few?
And the maker of the verse,
Cannot rhyme his horse with worse?
Beard is not the same as heard
Cord is different from word.
Cow is cow but low is low
Shoe is never rhymed with foe.
Think of hose, dose,and lose

from boing boing, from here

» (No Subject)
Microsoft (re)Designs the iPod - the video's hilarious. you guys should check it out.

what makes it really funny though is (as a friend said) they're really quite likely going to do it that way if given the chance.
» pisay
it saddens me. why does it have to be like this, really. utterly stupid morons should have never entered pisay. they don't deserve the place.

» happy valentines
and although i did not receive flowers or leonidas white chocolate. (hrumph) AND i have an exam at 7 AM tomorrow, here's something for YOU...

nothing says retro valentine like a mix tape (complete with dediks ha!). sigh, i miss making these!

» IE 7 commercial
A commercial mock-up for ie7 - not really sure if this is real or if it's on, but it's really cute and funny. you should check it out (on youtube)

on some other more unsavory news...
If you've heard about the british spy rock story - apparently, you may have not heard it all. saw a site saying something nasty re: the british spy who left the rock on the russian embassy.

"Censorship was applied to the footage showing one of the supposed spies performing an indecent action with the stone-like transmitter", i.e. the fuckwad was jerking off on the frickin stone. so funny. hope it's true.

and from the same site: a picture, just to make your day.

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